Stamp Academy: Celebrating the Posters of the WPA

The Works Projects Administration (WPA) was the largest and most ambitious agency in FDR's New Deal. The WPA hired millions of unemployed Americans for public works projects, including artists who created some 475,000 works of art.

The posters created during this period are some of the most iconic designs of our modern era, and are now honored as USPS Forever Stamps, released in March 2017.

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Stamp Academy: 45 Years of Love

The LOVE stamp is always a ubiquitous choice for wedding invitations and Valentine's Day, but we love this year's design so much we could use it every day! 

Designed by artist Anna Rifle Bond (of Rifle Paper Co.), the U.S. Postal Service fills us in on the story behind this year's addition to the LOVE Stamp series:

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