SNAILBOX is an independent greeting card subscription that seeks to breathe fresh air into the world of mass produced greeting cards. Subscribers across the U.S. love how our monthly mailings help them stay stocked with unique greeting cards so they are never caught unprepared.

We source our stationery from a wide range of brilliant independent artists to deliver paper products with a distinctly bold and modern feel. Our curators hand-pick fresh designs each month with one simple goal in mind: To deliver ongoing convenience, happiness, and surprise, and keep the snail mail tradition alive!

Founded in 2015, Snailbox is run by husband-and-wife team Amanda Paulson and Zach Benkowski.


We believe life's personal moments are best shared through the gift of a handwritten note.

Amanda Paulson Zach Benkowski

Our Story

The story of Snailbox begins when Amanda and Zach decided to tackle a problem they’d been wrestling for years: How to stay prepared for important, card-worthy occasions.

You see, Amanda and Zach are both visual artists, and, as many artists tend to be, are also habitual procrastinators. They often found themselves unprepared for birthdays, weddings, and other events. Having to settle for the bland card selection at the local drugstore was frustrating, and buying from the big-box card companies was not in line with their values. They wanted to find a better way.

And so Snailbox was born with the goal to make unique, high-quality stationery accessible to all, to support independent artists across the world, and to keep people stocked with awesome greeting cards that they’ll be proud to share for years to come!


Snailbox was born to keep people stocked with awesome cards that they’ll be proud to share for years to come.