Artist Spotlight: Elizabeth Grubaugh

Elizabeth Grubaugh is a graduate of Parsons School of Design and Cranbrook Academy of Art. She worked as an art director and graphic designer before focusing on her illustration and product lines.  After living in New York City, Vermont and Japan, Elizabeth now lives in upstate New York where she is inspired by both the natural surroundings of her home and the urban setting of her design studio. It is her travels throughout Asia and South America that she attributes her bold sense of color to, always being inspired by the people, the craft, and the hard work within each new community visited.

Elizabeth paints, sews, and screen prints daily, and we are glad she was able to squeeze in some time to give us a peek behind the scenes into her colorful practice!

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Artist Spotlight: Yeppie Paper

Yeppie Paper is an Los Angeles design studio co-founded by brother and sister team Jim Lee and Jennifer Lee Gregoire. They offer a range of greeting cards that feature Jen’s adorable hand-painted gouache illustrations. Since starting in 2014 as a small operation out of Jen’s kitchen, they have steadily grown their line, and the enthusiasm and support of their retailers and customers continues to motivate them to create “the perfect card”.

In this month’s Artist Spotlight, Jen fills us in on the origins of their unique brand name, the beauty of balancing motherhood with business ownership, and finding inspiration in everyday things like children’s book illustrations.

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Artist Spotlight: Katie Leamon

Katie Leamon is a family-run stationery brand based in London. Launched by Katie in 2010, the company has quickly grown with the help of Katie’s sister Rachel, mum Jane, and partner Ruairi, and the addition of Katie’s first child Baloo has introduced a delightful third generation to the team!

In this month’s Artist Spotlight, Katie chats with us about her creative process, time management as a new mom, and the inspiration for her playful new greeting card line ‘CUB’ (featured in our June Snailbox).

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Artist Spotlight: Bloomwolf Studio

We don’t often have the chance to meet our artist partners in person because they live all over the country, or in different countries. But this month we stumbled upon our featured artist in the most unexpected way...

Read on to hear the funny story of how we met the adorable husband and wife team, Betsy and Luis, of BLOOMWOLF STUDIO, and how Betsy overcame her family's expectation of becoming a doctor to pursue her dream of being an artist!

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Stamp Academy: Celebrating the Posters of the WPA

The Works Projects Administration (WPA) was the largest and most ambitious agency in FDR's New Deal. The WPA hired millions of unemployed Americans for public works projects, including artists who created some 475,000 works of art.

The posters created during this period are some of the most iconic designs of our modern era, and are now honored as USPS Forever Stamps, released in March 2017.

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